Drury Center in Greece

In July, President Tim Cloyd and his wife, Wendy, traveled to Drury’s home-away-from-home on the Greek island of Aegina to celebrate the 15th year of operation of the Drury Center in Greece (DCG). Alumni of the program joined current and former faculty and staff in celebrating, reminiscing and discussing plans for the future of Drury’s flagship study abroad program.

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One Lesson Learned

Reflecting on our experiences in the Peace Corps, and who we were in 2012 compared to who we are today, seems less daunting than it might have been back then. We can look back, remember the Peace Corps application questions and see a desire to explore and help those in need. Behind the scenes, we knew a longer-term commitment would maximize our chances of making an impact in the community.

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A Community of Virtue

These skills and traits depend on a few of the many intangibles that those who have been educated in the liberal arts say they find invaluable in their careers, and in a life well lived. Specifically, they rely on the character traits that form a foundation for lasting success. In a world increasingly focused on the acquisition of pure skills—particularly in the realm of higher education—liberal arts schools stress the balance of these intangibles


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Not An Easy Lesson

What are the first words of advice people give when you travel to a third-world country? Say it with me: “Don’t drink the water!” It’s so common now, it’s a cliché, almost a joke. But how often do we really consider that millions of people have to drink that water, wherever they can find it—often a mile or more from their home—and it’s no joke?

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Veterans' Views

Alex Kinloch was just about to close the hatch as his submarine, the USS San Juan, was preparing to submerge off the coast of Florida in 2013. As the lookout, the Navy sailor was the last person to go below deck.

At that instant, he was struck by the setting sun’s pink and orange hues stretching across the horizon. An American flag whipped in the wind next to him. Kinloch reached for his iPhone 4S, snapped a few images in the moments he had left above the surface, and then shut the hatch.


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We Are the Pigeons

In August 2016, I found myself hopping on a plane
for a year abroad in Florence, Italy at Santa Reparata International School of Art. Spoken from a position of privilege, I naively expected to leave behind growing issues of race, socioeconomics and systemic oppression in the States, but found myself in a land experiencing very similar problems, though perhaps more visible in very different ways.

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Road to Discovery

There are many adjectives students use to describe Drury’s College of Continuing Professional Studies—awesome, caring, satisfying, accepting, challenging. However, life-changing is the watchword that hangs in the forefront of our minds following a 450-mile trip across Southwest Missouri this summer to meet with students at each of our branch campuses. What started as a standard market research project to understand who our students are, how to reach them, their decision-making process in selecting a school, and what makes Drury different —became much more. 

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About This Issue

[vur-choo]: conformity of one’s life and conduct to moral and ethical principles; uprightness; rectitude.

“Virtue” is a broad term that encompasses Drury’s mission, values and all that we, and our alumni, stand for. Drury University is deeply rooted in a tradition of strong moral and ethical principles, encouraging a meaningful, lifelong quest for goodness through debate, leadership and respect in the classroom, workplace and community. In this issue, we take a look at how Drury defines “virtue” through the diverse experiences of alumni, current students, faculty and staff. Each story embodies the mission and spirit of Drury University, guided by President Cloyd’s continued conversation of Virtue and Virtuosity.


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